Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Keep Them From Finding Out You're a Fake

Being a Fake Sugar Daddy can be hard at first, a lot of trial and error.  Hopefully this post will keep the trial and error part to a minimum and the the fun to the max!

Here's how SeekingArrangement.com tells it's Sugar Baby populace to identify a Fake Sugar Daddy.

It's like reading right into the woman's head when they post stuff like that out in the open!

You don't need to do the opposite of every bullet point in that blog post, but don't be the guy that get's IDed as a Fake Sugar Daddy because he's too stupid to change some stuff up.
  • Don't promise her the world!
    • Hey!  This is your fake money dammit!  Don't be giving it all away before you've fake earned it!
    • Find out what she needs and talk about how much it would help her if that were taken care of.  Never promise her anything, let it be implied.
  • Pretend you give a shit about her as a person.
    • Personally I rarely care about someone that I have never met so this is hard for me.  To help I use Pidgin for my Instant Messenger program.  You can use Yahoo, MSN, etc. all in 1 program.  There's also a Notes addon that you can use which allows you to add/edit notes for each and every contact.  I usually put a link to their profile from the Sugar Daddy site, then other details about them so that it seems to them like they are the only one I'm chatting with. Some of the details I keep track of are kids (not in a pervy way you fucks), her job, college major, or any other small details that you can bring up later to make her feel like she's the only girl you're chatting with.
  • Don't start talking about sex right away
    • Talk about her, make her feel like you want to get to know her, hell maybe you do...
  • Don't demand she comes to you
    • If you followed my rule you didn't tell her exactly where you lived anyways, so you can manipulate the distance between you and your potential date.  
    • I hate to drive so I usually ask them to meet halfway at a hotel (halfway must be fair, right?).
  • You can "push the intimacy"
    • What I mean here is you can say you want to get right down to sex without dealing with dinner, drinks, etc.
    • The women know why they are there, they know why you are there.
    • But never push the issue if she doesn't want to.  Obviously you're not a gentleman if you are doing this but that doesn't excuse forcing yourself on a woman.  That is far from the point of this.  Rape is something only the lowest of the low do.
  • The blog post mentions women should be wary of a Sugar Daddy that offers $xxx per meeting
    • Hahahahahaha 20 minutes into reading your emails on one of the Sugar Daddy sites and you'll see that's what 90% of the women want!
You can do what you want here, plenty of the women are so desperate it doesn't matter too much what you say or do.  Just make them feel like you give half of a shit and that you aren't a creep.

My Rules for a Fake Sugar Daddy

I have a few rules for a Fake Sugar Daddy, these are to keep you safe(r) from blackmail, extremely awkward situations, and to ensure you have a great time!
  • Create new accounts specifically for this.
    • I recommend Gmail for email and GTalk 
    • Yahoo for their IM although 18-21 year old women don't seem to IM as much anymore
    • Skype 
    • Google Voice account and number, don't give out your real number!  Only give out your new Google Voice number.
    • Make sure the accounts can't be traced back to you easily.  This means don't register with your real first and last names.  First name is ok if it's a common first name, but you don't want these women looking you up on Facebook or even worse showing up at your door to "surprise you".
  • Don't tell anyone where you live.
    • If you live in a small town or smaller city register on the websites as living near a larger city.  Then you can tell them later that you live in a suburb that's easier for you to get to and just say you said you lived in the city "because no one from out of town knows where that is"  This will make you easier to find on the Sugar Daddy websites and harder to find if you happen upon a psycho.
    • If you already live in the bigger city register as living in the city just don't tell anyone what area.  Be vague!
    • I've never once had anyone ask me to be specific about where I live so don't worry too much about it.
  • Don't put you face up on a Sugar Daddy website
    • Blur your pic, black bar your eyes, anything.  A lot of those sites use member pics in their ads, that could be tough to explain to friends and family later.
    • It also gives you an easy excuse to ask for a girl's email address.  She will ask for a face pic, most don't give a shit what you look like as long as you aren't deformed and gross, they really just want to see who they are chatting with.  So she will ask if she can see a face pic and you can just be like "Sure, I can't send one on here though.  What's your email address?"
      • This buys you two things.
        • When she replies to your email might just get her full name which will allow you to find her on Facebook or even MySpace (lol)
        • The other thing you get is most likely her personal email address, using this you will most likely be able to find her on Facebook.
  • Find out who you are chatting with
    • Use any info they have given you to find out who they are and make sure they are real.  You don't want to walk into a bad situation later.
    • More than half of the women on Sugar Daddy sites use their real email addresses and Instant Messenger names.
      • Look those names up on Pipl, Spokeo, or even Facebook.
    • Look up any suspicious pics they send you on TinEye.
    • If you are worried a pic they sent you was heavily photoshopped, go here.
    • This info isn't for stalking!  This is to make sure these women you are chatting with are actually women and not guys looking to swindle you out of your cash!
  • Never send money to anyone!
    • This happens at least twice a week, be prepared to say no every single time.
    • There's always some sad story about a sick dog/kid, wanting to go to spring break, shitty boyfriend, etc.  Don't believe it!
  • Don't put yourself in a position to get blackmailed
    • Remember, these women think you are rich or at least pretty well off.  This puts you at risk of being blackmailed.
    • Don't send nude pics of yourself, don't do anything on webcam you wouldn't mind your grandmother seeing, simple stuff like that.
  • Don't pay for sex
    • It's illegal and not what you're here for.
    • If you want to find a hooker there are plenty of places to find them and this isn't the place.
I know I'll have more do add later but these are the basics and enough to get you started.  Remember, these are my personal rules, not tips.  These are rules that I follow with every woman I get in contact with from one of the Sugar Daddy sites.

What I'm doing & why

I'm going to start off by saying that I'm generally a pretty decent human.  I've never been arrested (probably haven't even done anything worth getting arrested for), I work hard, I pay my taxes, I volunteer at an animal shelter, and I'm a neighborly kind of guy.  But there's one little thing about me that isn't so nice...  I'm a Fake Sugar Daddy.

I've been a Fake Sugar Daddy now for about 5 years.  I've learned how to trick, manipulate, and take advantage of the women that are trying to do the exact same thing to very lonely men with a little too much money.

Using this soon to be awesome blog I'm going to tell everyone how to do this themselves and have a fantastic time doing it!

I've had sex with just about every type of woman you can think of; hot ones, blacks, Asians, Latinas, fat, skinny, moms, grandmothers, ugos, virgins, and combinations of them all.  I really can't think of a type of woman I haven't been with.

Being a Fake Sugar Daddy isn't as easy as it sounds on the surface.  Surprisingly these women are very intelligent for the most part.  75% of them according to a number I made up are basically doing the same thing that I will be teaching you to do...manipulating the crap out of the other person to get what you want.  Only there's one large difference.  Women have been doing it since they were born, so they have a lot more practice.  However we as men have a large advantage.  This might be the only area of internet dating where the numbers work in our favor for a change.  So you can practice all you want and it's not a big deal when a woman calls you out on your bullshit because there's another one emailing you as you are blocking that one.

In the next few posts I'm going to give you a list of the rules that I always follow as a Fake Sugar Daddy, what sites to use, how to make a decent profile (don't worry, it's not hard and you don't need to be creative), how to protect yourself, and how to do this on a tight budget.